Sunday, March 26, 2006

Wasn't Just Abp. Weakland

Fr. Murphy's horrific story appears in today's JS. This particular slime found a group of targets who were DEAF, for crying out loud.

And who ordained him? Archbishop Kiley.

Who was in charge during Murphy's reign of terror at St. John's School?

Abps. Meyer (5 years) and Cousins (18 years).

Abp. Weakland showed up at the very end--

It is interesting that Abp. Cousins' assignment prior to Milwaukee was as Bishop of Peoria, IL., which has a reputation, as well.

More nuanced coverage can be found at The Provincial Emails and The Provincial Emails (there are two items...)

Someday, someone who has the time and morbid curiosity will figure out who was running the Seminary during the years when the "problem boys" were in formation; not only this Murphy character, but all the rest, some of which are still around.

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