Friday, March 31, 2006

Legislature Pumps Up The Gas Prices

Like gas prices? Notice all the shiny new gas stations?

It's easy to build new buildings and fix/paint/repair the old ones when you're guaranteed 12 to 15 cents pre-tax on every gallon of gas you pump.

And the distributors of that gasoline? They're guaranteed about half that profit. Nice racket.

So Tom Reynolds (R-West Allis) is trying to do something about it, but for some strange reason, is having a problem getting the attention of our Legislative leadership--think "Sergeant" Shultz and John (I'm Running For Congress) Gard...

The Bill is stuck in Committee. Members include: Senator Brown, chairperson, and
Senators Zien, Kanavas, Breske, and Wirch.

A little reminder will do fine.

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