Friday, March 24, 2006

Charlie Wants a Denunciation

Sykes on a close friend of Tom Reynolds:

Lest calling the pope a “minister of Satan” was too subtle, Ovadal declared that John Paul “was an accursed man who deceived millions...such a man is not a Christian, not a servant of God, and will not be a citizen of heaven.”

Several weeks ago, on my radio show, I asked Reynolds if he intended to continue his association with Ovadal's group. He said he would, although he claimed he was unaware of Ovadal's comments on the Catholic Church. Of course, it would be unfair to attribute any of Ovadal’s views to Reynolds, and he has every right to do print work for anyone he chooses. But since we spoke, Reynolds has said nothing in public about his ties to Ovadal. And most conservatives have simply averted their eyes.

Candidly, most of the reaction I have gotten is in the form of emails arguing that Ovadal is, in fact, right about the pope and that I need to read more Scripture.

But Christians cannot have it both ways: We can’t complain about the “war on Christmas” and turn a blind eye to a guy who condemns a great and good man to hell. Even if he is just the crazy uncle in the attic.

"Rev." Ovadal will not be on my Christmas-card list, although were JPII still around, it's possible that he'd give O. the same treatment he gave Ali Agca. THAT would be fun to watch.

Reynolds' support is political, not religious; on the other hand, losing a big chunk of believers will not be good for Tom. Something to think about, Senator...

And while I think that 'reading Scripture' is a good thing, Ovadal's eye should rest for a moment on Christ's mandate to Peter: "Feed My lambs. Feed My sheep." It wasn't meant to be a lecture on animal husbandry.


Billiam said...

Why is it that people like this "reverend" can quote scripture, yet totally miss it's meaning and intent?

The Badgerland Conservative said...

I finally blogged on Ovadal last night. I have to admit I was unaware of even who he was until recently.

Why can they miss it? I'm not even a practicing Christian but I am guessing it's because the Spirit really isn't in them.