Sunday, March 12, 2006

Tom Clancy or Paolo Guzzanti?

About two weeks ago I began reading one of my Christmas gifts: Red Rabbit, by Tom Clancy.

About one week ago, the Italian commission studying the attempt on JPII's life concluded that Clancy was wrong; it was not the KGB, but the GRU which ordered the shooting.

One thing is certain: the Bulgarian who is in the picture near Ali Agca screwed up. He was supposed to execute Agca and failed his mission.

Clancy's books are sort of like Windswept House. They are a mixture of truth and fiction. The problem is that one can't really tell what the 'fiction' part is. My bet is that the fiction is only a very small portion of any of them.


WI Catholic said...

When I read one of his books...and don't want to say too much, if you have not read his others... I had chills, thinking WHY TELL THEM HOW TO DO IT? Well, later, I wondered if Al Q was reading it thinking the opposite... OH, THAT is how we can do it... and the rest is history since 9/11. I have read nearly all of his books.

Jacob said...

I stopped reading Clancy when his works of fiction descended from techno-thriller to arch-conservative diatribe.

Not to mention that every single one of his American characters, from Wall Street stock broker to average joe truck driver, uses the exact same turns of phrase.

Fair 'nuff, 'nuff said. :(