Sunday, March 26, 2006

Belling/Boxer Alliance

Belling stated that 'hiring illegal aliens' is a "good" thing, following a cockeyed version of logic--that is, that 'working' illegal aliens are the kind of folks he wants in the country, and after all, they pay taxes. Just like Senator Boxer of California.

Boxer said a jobs program needs to be created for illegal immigrants that would help them receive proper documentation.

She said it is important to match undocumented workers with appropriate agricultural jobs.
"If they are clean and pay taxes, we need to get them on the path to legality," Boxer said.

Belling's semi-Libertarian leanings are showing again.

Other than asking Belling "What part of illegal don't you understand?" there is the argument from Jim Sensenbrenner, who thinks clearly on the issue:

"Those who hire large numbers of illegal aliens are the 21st-century slave masters. And in my opinion, that's just as immoral as the 19th-century slave masters we had to fight a civil war to get rid of," said Sensenbrenner, who wants the legal status of workers to be verified before they're hired.

Regarding the Hildebeeste/Mahony argument that the bill would "criminalize Jesus," --well, it's a theory--but of course, it's a theory born largely in feverswamps. Unfortunately, the Archbishop of Milwaukee is also buying into this line, which evidently comes from USCC lawyers. USCC lawyers' track record speaks for itself, by the way.

Sensenbrenner says his bill is not aimed at criminalizing good Samaritans coming to the aid of undocumented immigrants but at so-called coyotes who smuggle people across the border.

And he defends the idea of making illegal presence a crime. It is now a civil violation.
"The way to come to the United States is to obey the law. And illegal immigrants are violating the law," he said.

But Sensenbrenner is not committed to the 'criminalization' part of the legislation; on the other hand, the Hildebeeste Party IS:

Sensenbrenner, the House Judiciary Committee chairman, said he had tried to amend his bill to change the crime from a felony to a misdemeanor but Democrats helped vote down that move.

The stench of politics emerges...

This whole brouhaha can be laid at the feet of GWBush, who ALSO happens to be interested in gaining votes, but for Republicans. The Grand Master Strategy is to capture the Mexican-American vote en bloc for the Pubbies. The 'beeste is well aware of this (as are Mahony and Boxer) and will take every opportunity to demonize the Republicans.

The Pubbies figure that the Hispanic vote will be attracted to the 'family values' positions of Republicans. Maybe so; RNC stats seem to support that theory. The 'rats are feverishly working through their Hispanic activist groups (see Real Debate Wisconsin which mentions Voces de la Frontera) to counter the moves by GWB & Co.

As a result of the politics, Bush has been unable to fashion a policy which makes sense. He's pandering, just like the Democrats are pandering.

One Hell of a way to legislate, eh? Which, ah, prostitute do you prefer?

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Anonymous said...

Call your senator and support Sensenbrenner.
Stop that huge sucking sound of US $$$ flowing to Mexico.
Let the loving hispanics protest in Mexico city for the rights they demand of a goverment that isn't theirs!!!!