Thursday, March 23, 2006

Liturgeist, Unhinged

The local Liturgeist was publicly reflecting the other night...

At her parish, the holy water has been removed from the fonts for the season of Lent. As mentioned earlier in this blog, this inanity has been foisted on the Faithful by the PoofterLitWonk crowd in the very recent past--maybe three years ago. Church tradition has it that, indeed, the holy water is removed---AFTER the Mass on Holy Thursday night. It is then replaced AFTER the Vigil of Holy Saturday night.

But the Local Liturgeist declareth that the tradition described above is "only a recent" invention.

How recent, dear? 200 years? 500 years? 1,000 years?

There was also some oral spew on the topic of Moses and the Law, during which the 'geist declared that Moses (!!!) told the folks at Sinai that 'details of the law' were not too important; that "love one another" was the important part. Good thing Moses is resting out of earshot or there might be stone fragments all around the 'geist's office.

Seems that the 'geist is not "detail-oriented," and justifies her personal conscience problems with public displays of utter ignorance.

Remember, THIS 'geist has a Master's from St. Francis Major Seminary.


Anonymous said...

Oh, HER! My family has had the great misfortune of being exposed to her, shall we say, "innovative style." This is the same person who is offering a series of "prayer explorations." The most recent was about Taizé prayer. After an incredibly uninformed summary, we were led "through the prayer experience." Afterward, two very simple questions arose from the fewer than a dozen in attendance. The liturgy "expert" was able to answer neither. Guess her research didn't get to that part of the web page.

The good news: she's pretty much the laughingstock of the entire parish.

The funny news: She's completely unaware of that.

The bad news: The folks of the parish are too charitable to let her know how they really feel.

The horrifying news: She "sings" too.

Anonymous said...

Praetorian's right on the money. Makes me wonder if the archdiocese actually does any screening before letting people into its graduate programs. Screening? Hell—at this point I'd be willing to settle if they simply checked for a pulse!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, "victim."
Praetorian got it wrong on one count:

In NO way can what she does be called "singing."

Dad29 said...

Part of the problem is that the Archdiocese does, indeed, "check for a pulse" in admitting people to their graduate programs.

But checking for a BRAIN would be so much better.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up, praet!

Dad: Forget the fact that there's no holy water in the fonts; that's small change. How 'bout we talk about the fact that there's been no CREED recited at Masses ("liturgies") during Lent (the Creed, btw, not being an "optional" element at Mass).

Most of us have given up. Bringing these things to the attention of the pastor results, at best, in nothing, at worst, our being labeled as "complainers," "conservatives," or "wanting to turn back the clock." Not so! We just want to pray.

As for the Creed gone AWOL, I can tell you right now what we'd be told: Since we're in "solidarity" with those in the RCIA, and since Lent is a "desert experience," we're "fasting" from the Creed until we can "proclaim" it during the Easter "celebration." (The jargon thing: could it be any more annoying?)

The liturgist seems to have been "fasting" from the Creed for most of her life. As for intellectual acumen, I'm not sure one can "fast" from something someone does not possess.

Dave said...

My questions to the Liturgist:

1) The GIRM only allows the omission of the Creed if there is a baptism or renewal of baptismal vows. So why are you breaking the rule?

2) Do you want to follow the rules, or do you want me to inform the Archbishop about this matter?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, folks. You're just not enlightened (which is why her job is so difficult—enlightening you neanderthals is SO exhausting!). You need to understand her theology. Here's how it goes (this version is terribly unnuanced, but I've had to bring it down to your level):

• We are Church.
• We are Eucharist.

Now, see if you can focus long enough to follow.

• Since We are Church, we (being Spirit led and therefore really inerrant) get to "sing a new Church into being"!
• Since We are Eucharist, it necessarily follows that We are Sacrament.
• Since we are All That, Magisterium and Tradition are not only unnecessary, but are positively evil, since they get in the way of Our Expression and Experience of Church.

Did you get all that?
Now sit down, shut up, and do what she tells you!!!

Dad29 said...

Seems to me that the priests of this parish have a manhood problem: as in, 'they don't HAVE manhood...'