Thursday, October 29, 2020

JJSefton Is Not Wrong

A tiny bit of this morning's AOSHQ editorial.

...12 years ago, Barack Obama's election was seen as progressivism's final victory over what that movement's followers viewed as a deeply flawed if not completely illegitimate nation. But we the people did not go quietly into that good night. The overt pillaging and persecution of the American people by him and his fellow Democrats and the feckless, useless and ultimately collaborationist GOP-e engendered a reaction: Donald J. Trump.

And for the mortal sin of no longer taking a rhetorical anal gang rape and being grateful for it by shouting "enough!" and electing Trump, we must be destroyed. It's not just because Trump campaigned on draining the swamp, it's because he fulfilled his promise to do so, the sabotage from all sides including many allegedly on our own notwithstanding. Before the phony pandemic lockdown and strangulation of our economy and of our Constitutional rights, President Trump did more to advance our rights, our prosperity and our security, at home and abroad, than arguably any other president in our history. In order to do that, he had to drive a stake into the heart of a vampire that had been sucking the life out of our nation. That vampire is far from dead, as we can see from the riots, the election rigging, the censorship and demonization, and all the other meshugas erupting before us as Election Day draws near. As horrendous as the crimes and moral decay of the Bidens are, they're merely a microcosm of the corrosively evil system and movement that he's a part of....

Thus the nagging question:  who ELSE aside from Biden and Hill/Bill?  

It cannot have been a secret that Biden's family was profiting--immensely--from Biden's Senatorial and VP influence on domestic and foreign affairs.  But nobody in D.C. commented about it.  NOBODYNot "Mr. Clean" Romney, nor his little brother Paulie-Doo Ryan; not The Turtle; not even minor Congressional players.  (The "press" is a joke, of course.  Who cares what they say or think?)

Trump may have four more years, but it will take 30 or 40 to find all the worms, rats, termites, and anal-rape specialists in Congress, Cabinet departments, and especially in the FBI/CIA/NSA cartel.

30-40 years and a WHOLE lot of prayers.  (Better that than bullets, eh?)

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