Friday, November 17, 2017

Belling Becomes a Pain in the Ass

Very brief background:  Senate presents their version of the tax bill.  Ron Johnson screeches--it treats S-corp and LLC's far worse, tax-wise, than C-corps.  RoJo says it won't get his vote as presented.

Sensenbrenner, an (R) congresscritter also from Wisconsin, tells Belling that he doesn't have to be an attention-whore like other people (HINT HINT) to get stuff done.  Sensenbrenner just calls Paul Ryan and gee-whillikers, it gets fixed!!

(Sensenbrenner's stale date was 2000, but never mind.)

Belling goes rant-on, RoJo comes on the show, and Belling--lacking a coherent reason to piss all over RoJo--just badgers him endlessly.  And that's really all it was:  badgering.  "What If...." crap.

There WAS a very important bit of news there, by the way.

Ryan lied to RoJo when Ryan said it would be included in the first House plan.  Suddenly--after RoJo screeched--Ryan, Trump, and McConnell find it necessary to pay attention to RoJo.

Really, now.  Paul Ryan lying?  Bring out my SHOCKED face.

And Belling was so damn busy acting like Sensenbrenner's bitch that he missed it.

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William said...

I can't listen to the man.