Friday, October 23, 2015

When You Lose Mother Jones...

Judith Faulkner's crony-"capitalist" Epic Systems has lost the support of Mother Jones.

...even left-wing Mother Jones magazine reports this week that “instead of ushering in a new age of secure and easily accessible medical files, Epic has helped create a fragmented system that leaves doctors unable to trade information across practices or hospitals. That hurts patients who can’t be assured that their records — drug allergies, test results, X-rays — will be available to the doctors who need to see them. This is especially important for patients with lengthy and complicated health histories.”...

There's a large and growing cottage industry in Madistan consisting of ex-Epic employees who get top consulting dollars to fix the problems Epic causes.  

So there's that, I guess. 

Of course, those consulting dollars are charged, ultimately, to people who pay medical bills--and the taxpayers.

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