Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Ryan's Big Lie

Paul Ryan (who earns only a 55% rating at RedState) will vote for the s*&^sandwich that YOU will be forced to eat--the one served up by the usually-inebriated outgoing slimeball, Boehner.

So Ryan, who only yesterday said that the process of creating it "stinks," will vote for it.  So he's lying in effect, if not in text.  (That's something that Bill and Hill perfected, too.)

Obozo-approved!! Two full years of cap-busting spending!!  More Federal debt than anyone could possibly imagine!!  Slimy side-deals on ObozoCare!!

And "Mr. Fiscal Wizard" votes for it.

OK, Paul. 

By all means, read Andy McCarthy's column which shows that Ryan (et. al.) are flat-out liars, too.

Some of us are old enough to remember the 2014 elections.  (And the promises made by RoJo who has evidently been blackmailed into squishiness.)  When it comes to 2016? 

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