Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Very Pleasant Lunch

Following the path of another Northerner, we journeyed from the Cold Lands through Chattanooga and into Atlanta.  That other Northerner was accompanied by several thousand more rifles than we were, of course, and we didn't set any fires on the way down.

Having arrived at the Absolutely Worst Traffic Area in the World--Atlanta--I was pleased to have enticed Grim to meet for lunch at a place (suspiciously) named "Mellow Mushroom."  Heh.  The food was good, and the company was even better. 

In fact, we most likely proved the validity of the 'six degrees of separation' theory, but that cannot be discussed further without doing a Hillary.  Suffice it to say that the coincidence was startling--if you believe in coincidence.

Grim proved to be every inch the gentleman and scholar that he displays in his blog, and was a highlight of the journey.  Not so much as the family we have there, of course--but it was well worth the time.

Should he wander into the Cold Climes near here, we have another pizza place which will interest him, I'm sure.  And we'll look forward to it!


Grim said...

That other Northerner needed the rifles because he was less welcome. :) You can come back any time you like. Perhaps next time we'll have time to visit some of those natural wonders we discussed -- Georgia is surprisingly rich in them.

It was a good time.

Dad29 said...

Later in the week we did manage to get about an hour due north of ATL to pick apples. Those foothills are very spectacular, indeed!

Bought some 'crackle' pork rinds. Wife will not allow me to open the bag inside the house. Some people just don't understand natural wonders.