Friday, October 23, 2015

Good Question!!

Is there any doubt about the answer here?

...She didn’t “misspeak.” She didn’t make an honest mistake. She flouted the laws of this nation as regards national security and classified information–indisputably, with no margin for error or interpretation. She lied to the American people to manipulate an election–for partisan political purposes, as her supporters are so fond of complaining about. And she’s laughing up her sleeve at you right now, because she knows she still has a better than even-money chance at being president despite her high crimes and misdemeanors.

So just what, if anything, are you and the rest of the GOP clown act going to do about all that? I suspect we all already know the answer to that, but the question still must be asked....

Yah, go ahead, ask.

If you want the right answer, elect Cruz and hope he appoints Mark Levin as A.G.  Otherwise, she'll get her pension, offshore tax-haven moneys, and free healthcare for life.

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