Sunday, October 18, 2015

John Kass 'Splains the Revolution

This guy Kass has a persuasive take on the revolution brewing in the US.

He begins with Hastert who--besides his perversion-problem--used his office to benefit Hastert.  Land deals, just like Harry Reid (surprise!!)  It's all Chicago/Illinois stuff.

...Illinois is where big-spending, big-government Republicans served as handmaidens to big-spending, big-government Democratic machine bosses from Chicago. They made deal after deal, and got fatter and fatter, and spent and spent, decade upon decade upon decade.

Now Illinois is broke and can't pay its bills....

...Years ago, I began calling the political arrangement here the Combine, a play on the farm machinery chopping down everything before it, and on bipartisan bosses who ran things in combination.
Chicago's business leaders funded both parties. They relied on the Daleys and other Machine Democrats to maintain control of the city and give them what they wanted and if Republicans balked, they would have their ears pulled by the money guys....

Familiar stuff.  The RoadBuilders demand MOAR ROADS!!  Wisconsin Manufacturers/Commerce demands MOAR CHEAP LABOR!! (and MOAR BABY-PARTS!!!)  The Democrats demand MOAR WELFARE!!, which fits neatly with the MOAR CHEAP LABOR!! demands, eh?

The same stuff went national with Hastert, Bush, and now Obozo.

...And now in Washington even the meat puppets can't deny the Illinois Combine dynamic has been writ large: Big corporate and big government interests on one side — the Combine driving the Leviathan — while American taxpayers and families and small businesses are fed into the hopper....

For all the legitimate shrieking from Republicans condemning Obama for profligate spending, they conveniently skip over the Bush years and the ridiculous 15,000 congressional earmarks in 2005, and that Bridge to Nowhere, and so much more.

The deals allowed Bush to buy political support for his disastrous invasion of Iraq, another reason why wars are always corrosive. The political garbage — the earmarks, the deals, the overspending to buy today's politics with tomorrow's money — was liquefied. It seeped out upon America from under the Orwellian phrase of the day, "Big Government Conservatism."

Meantime, Reince Priebus wonders how in Hell The Donald gets all that support.  Maybe Reince should have spent a lot more time with his ears open at Mama Mia's instead of being there with his mouth open.

This is not new.  GKChesterton called it 'Hudge and Gudge' back in the early 1900's.  We note that England is now a second-rate world player.

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