Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Pubbie Talking Point (Part 2)

Besides the '....it's the eeeeeeeeevil conservatives...' line, RNC has another talking point, this one concerning the Paul Ryan For Speaker campaign--voiced by Hugh Hewitt and Chuck Todd of NBC.

We begin with Cong. Brat's warning:

...Because of the national debt, interest payments on that debt, and entitlement spending as required by law, the United States will face a major financial crisis in 11 years, Rep. Dave Brat (R-Va.) said on NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday...

(Let's recall that Brat overthrew Eric Cantor, who forgot about his voters while being an Establishment Guy.  And let's remember that Paul Ryan gave away the store on the spending cap.)

So Todd asks this question:

...“Congressman Brat, let me start with you. You’re a member of the Freedom Caucus. What is it that you want, and what is it that Speaker Boehner, Kevin McCarthy, and Eric Cantor haven’t delivered?”...

The answer was simple:

...Brat said, “Right, well they all ran on A Pledge to America. And they, just like your 72% of the folks out there in the real world say, we make these promises when we run but then when we get up here, we’re called unrealistic by kind of the Washington establishment and the bubble up here.”...

Todd (and Hewitt) were delivering the talking point also referenced by RoJo in his little fireside chat in Sussex:  we can't do what we said we'd do no matter who 'owns' the House and Senate, and the eeeeevil Conservatives are gumming up the works, see!!!  So HAH!!

Meantime, The Donald has yuuuuuuuuuge numbers.

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