Sunday, October 18, 2015

Ryan Rumors, Again? Here's Why NOT Ryan

Local CBS affiliate is running rumors that Ryan will take the Speaker job.

Let's look again at Ryan's fiscal record which includes the current spending:

..The problem with the debt ceiling fight is that by the time we get around to having it, it’s already too late. A popular talking point runs: “we’re just paying bills for things we’ve already bought.” As inane as it is, there’s some truth there. Congress operates by committing to spending increases that we don’t have enough money to pay for, trusting that by the time the bills come due, the threat of default will drive almost everyone to unthinkingly vote to lift the debt ceiling and borrow the money we need....

Yah.  Ryan negotiates over-spending and figures that:  a)  you're too damn stupid to notice it; and b)  you're too damn listless to scream about it.

Ryan may well get the job since Democrats will vote him into the office.  But that's NOT a good thing.

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