Friday, October 16, 2015

RoJo, Coburn: Cruz-Haters

Well, well.

Last week, RoJo (who forgot entirely why he was elected, hint, ObozoCare) went on record blaming "raised expectations" for the anti-Establishment rebellion now burning down the (R) Party.

There is no such thing as co-incidence:  Tom Coburn said the same thing.

Allahpundit replies:

...Cruz, I think, is as much a product of conservatives losing confidence in Congress to achieve anything as he is a cause of it....

And--after (admittedly) engaging in some ruminative Cruz-bashing of his own, Allah has this to say:

...Meanwhile, look on the bright side, centrist Cruz-haters. There’s no one in the GOP field who could get away with compromising with Democrats as much as President Cruz. His reservoir of goodwill on the right is so vast that I think he alone could sell conservatives on certain bipartisan bills more effectively than any other Republican candidate could. He might surprise people by sitting down with his congressional enemies. And if he does, he could be surprisingly accomplished.

Smoke that, boys.

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