Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Donald Caves on Immigration

The Donald is now backing off on immigration, and he's backing off by a lot.

Forget about his "wall" thing, which was a bit absurd in the first place.  On the far more significant question about importing foreigners as slave-laborers in high-tech, he has started to crumble like a stale cookie.

Or maybe the Colorado cookies kinda affected his thinking?

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jvc said...

Yeah, if we're talking about the problem of immigration by proportion, there are, what, 110 million Mexicans left in Mexico? By contrast, there are 2+ billion Indians and Chinese who want to come here.

I work at a globocorp which is at least 20%, probably 25% Indian now. It's not just IT, it's literally every division. We are eviscerating middle class jobs, and the remaining jobs are going to indentured servants.