Monday, October 12, 2015

The Arrogance of G.A.B.

Seems that the election-accountability folks at GAB have an arrogance problem.

They don't want to release their records about the witch-hunt they conducted in alliance with the rabid-dog partisans of the Milwaukee District Attorney's office.

But that part is not the "arrogant" part; that's what you'd expect from people who are now running scared.

Here's the "arrogance" part:

...there are “hot documents” that would be very embarrassing to the GAB if made public. One set of closed meeting minutes from June and August 2013 GAB meetings shows board members making accusations about the targets, describing them as ignorant and arrogant in matters involving Wisconsin campaign finance law,...

That was before the GAB lost its case in about 47 different State and Federal decisions.

And the Board consists of "judges," mind you!  (Judges who would make Christ Seraphim look like Learned Hand. )

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