Monday, October 12, 2015

Did Marco Rubio or Abp. Cupich Read the Constitution?

Noticed this last week.

Marco Rubio appeared on Fox News' morning show and emphatically stated two or three times that the Second Amendment protects 'the right to self-defense and defending one's family.'

He's partially right.

The Second protects the citizens' right to overthrow the Government.  The 'self-defense' stuff is secondary.

Politically correct, but only 50% on your civics test, Marco.

Today, we find that Abp. Cupich of Chicago is also ignorant of the 2A's real purpose.  Methinks the Archbishop should concentrate on saving souls--perhaps ordering his priests to speak about "marriage before babies" and such-like.  That "morals stuff" has a chance of working, Excellency.

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