Friday, October 30, 2015

The SJW's Techniques

When dealing with a Social Justice Warrior, one must be prepared for their tactics.  Vox, in a short and sweet passage, itemizes them:

Threats, point-and-shriek, playing the victim, false accusations, and the inevitable appeal to the amenable authority.

So happens that a friend of mine who works in a retail store had an experience which fits that narrative to a "T".  The "aggrieved" little wench lied about the incident, assigned the incident to "racism", gave herself "victim" status, threatened the retail store ('I'll never shop there again....') and of course, sent this pack of crap to the store's management.

To no avail, by the way.  My friend's track record with the store and its customers is impeccable and the store prays that the SJW's threat to 'never shop there again' is a promise that will be kept.

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