Wednesday, October 14, 2015

EPA to Close Milwaukee Down. Where's RoJo?

Last week, Sen. Ron Johnson delivered a whine to local Republicans to the effect that a Republican-held House and Republican-held Senate were powerless to stop the Obozo.

Yah.  That 2014 election?  Pffffffffft!

Turns out that the powerless Republicans may actually be plotting to eliminate Milwaukee from the map.  See, since they won't stop Obozo's EPA from enforcing its new 70PPB ozone limits, Milwaukee will likely become a "non-attainment" area (like the 4 county area already IS) and EPA will force Milwaukee to stop job-creation in places like.......factories!!.

Smart!!  No Milwaukee, no Democrat stronghold aside from Dane County!

There had to be a reason that RoJo's party is "powerless."  Now we've found it!!

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