Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Democrats' Iranian "Dark Money"

The bedwetter Democrat screaming machines carry on, and on, and on, about "dark money" given to (R) candidates.

They somehow fail to mention "dark money" given to Democrats.  But there is no "dark money"; it's all reported, of course.  And the reports on Democrat "dark money" name Iranian activists..

LOTS of Iranian activity. MILLIONS of Iranian-activity-related campaign dollars.

...In 2008, Nemazee served as one of Hillary Clinton’s national fundraising chairmen when she was running against Barack Obama in the Democrat primary.

Nemazee was eventually credited by the Obama campaign with helping raise $500,000, following Clinton’s defeat in the primary. He donated an additional $50,000 to Obama’s inauguration committee.

Also in 2008, Nemazee donated $9,200 to Biden for President Inc.

In 2007, Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) was the featured guest speaker at IAPAC’s annual New York City reception.

In 2006, Senator Chuck Schumer asked Nemazee to serve as finance chairman for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. Nemazee raised $119 million, helping to retake the Senate for Democrats and installing Harry Reid as Senate Majority Leader.

In 2004, Nemazee raised $500,000 for Democrat nominee (and current Secretary of State) John Kerry. Kerry, of course, was the lynchpin in securing the Iranian nuclear deal.

In 2000, Nemazee donated $50,000 to the Gore-Lieberman Recount Committee.

And yes, George Soros was also involved.

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