Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Republican Dope-Smokers

Lots of Republicans--including RoJo and Ryan--have floated ObozoCare replacement plans. In sum, all of them look kinda like this:

...“a Republican alternative to Obamacare will 1) cover nearly as many people, 2) not need a mandate to cover (nearly) everyone, 3) cost less, and 4) provide better coverage in many cases, particularly for the poor”...


This is the result of 'dope-smoking'; the only thing missing is the Cheetohs.  It is a lot of "hope" and not much "change," at best.  It buys the premise of ObozoCare that Gummint is responsible for healthcare, and also buys the premise that Gummint can do it better.  The first remains un-Constitutional on its face; the second....well....what about the $Multi-Bn. website??

Why bother with these people at all?

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