Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Pubbie Talking Point: "It's the Evil Rightists!"

Gee.  Wiggy attended a little gathering a few days ago and heard RoJo say that it's really, really, really, hard to *actually* fight ObozoCare in every way (sort of like his campaign promise.) 

Why is it so hard?

...some Republican frustration is the result of inflated expectations. Some conservative organizations raise expectations beyond what is possible, although Johnson did not name who they were....


Sure enough, in today's news, we hear the same thing, this time from the New York Times:

...Far-right media figures, relatively small in number but potent in their influence, have embarked on a furious Internet expedition to cover Representative Paul D. Ryan in political silt....

Yah, it's the eeeeeeeeeeeevil Conservatives!  Sure!  That's the ticket!!!

We hear talking points from Reince & Co., don't we?

Meanwhile, The Donald maintains yuuuge numbers.

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