Sunday, October 18, 2015

Kudos to Cdl. Dolan!

We have often called out Cdl. Dolan for his weakness on abortifacients and silliness on the St Pat's parade.

So when he does a very good thing, we'll compliment him.  It's fair.

Dolan was one of the 13 Cardinals who sent a letter to Pp. Bergoglio; the letter expressed grave concerns about the direction of the Synod ongoing.  The letter contained some very strong language:

...First, it contains a warning, a warning that is "urgent". In it the Vicar of Christ himself is warned by some of his most important assistants (his Secretary of the Economy, the guardian of the Doctrine of the Faith, the guardian of Divine Worship -- consider all that), and even of the not always consistent Cardinal Dolan (giving an idea of the wide spectrum covered by those concerned) on how this chaotic process created by the Pope himself is "rais[ing] even more fundamental issues about how the Church, going forward, should interpret and apply the Word of God, her doctrines and her disciplines to changes in culture."

The warning goes much further than that because, as several have highlighted, it uses an apocalyptic term, "collapse", strictly related to how the ideas espoused by Kasper on communion for remarried divorcees and related concepts, ideas that are protected by the Pope, have caused the collapse of liberal Protestant communities....

One is reminded that Cdl. Dolan comes from the Midwest and from a fairly large family.  He has not forgotten those roots, thank God.  The shock of the Obergefell decision probably played a part, too.  Perhaps the Cardinal is now fully aware of the implications and/or read Cdl. Sarah's monograph.

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