Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Wisconsin to Sue Over Ridiculous EPA Plan

Channel 6 managed to bury the lede in this pResidential-propaganda-heavy story.

Walker will sue over the asinine EPA utility regs, and McConnell (!!) sent a letter to all State Governors urging them to ignore the EPA.

Walker, to his eternal credit, has made a point of saying that he would castrate EPA, making it an 'umbrella organization' chartered only to assist States in inter-state disputes over various forms of pollution.

(That position should be part of the (R) platform and should be implemented no matter which (R) is elected, of course; but crony capitalism will raise its hydra-heads in that process.  Count on it. )

Meantime, if you see an EPA employee walking down the street,  shun 'em.


Seems that EPA has powerful (R) pals.

...During his contested primary and general election campaign, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) produced ad after ad promising to fight back against the war on coal.  But aside from some pro forma maneuvers and general bluster, McConnell has done nothing.  He has called for states to fight back against the EPA; he has called for a judicial battle in the courts.  However, he will never use the one recourse he has to redress this grievance – the power of the purse over the EPA.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), the top EPA appropriator in the Senate, has already made it clear she will oppose any effort to defund Obama’s energy regulations.  Oh, and McConnell sits on that same appropriations subcommittee. ...

Murkowski is another joke and should be dumped from any committee of the Senate.  Or just dumped, period.

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