Sunday, August 16, 2015

"New/Improved" Air Traffic Control? The Crazies Are Loose

From the summary presented by Aviation Today, it's difficult to sort out who are the knaves, who are the nuts, or even 'who's on first'.

But as an IT project (or ANY project), it's clear:  nobody knew what the Hell they were going to do.  At all.

....Three officials gave three different views, while FAA’s integrated product team lead for en route said she did not understand how it could be accomplished or how often one would have to go into the system at any or all of the ARTCCs to perform the incremental modifications. “There’s nothing practical about this,...

And believe it or not, it actually gets worse.

But then, there were $2.1 BILLION on the line.  Someone has to grab it, eh?

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