Sunday, August 09, 2015

The Verrecchio Side-Step

This Louie Verecchio guy is a scream.  He whacks Bp. Morlino for the good Bishop's monitum on SSPX, but side-steps the meat of the matter.

We'll disregard most of his hysterical rhetoric and go to the critically important dialog.  Here's Bp. Morlino:

If you take nothing else away from this letter, at least hear this -- the SSPX’s marriages and absolutions are invalid because their priests lack the necessary faculties.

Verrecchio contradicts the Bishop. becomes rather clear (to those with eyes to see, at any rate) why he is unwilling to address those concerns directly; namely, he has nothing of substance to offer in response...

In fact, no priest has 'faculties' to marry nor absolve sins unless the territorial Bishop grants them.

Louie's response?  "SQUIRREL!!!!"  Here's what he says:

...1) Pope Francis the Disastrous and the likes of Cardinals Kasper, Maradiaga and Marx don’t think there’s an emergency in a Church the majority of members of which have little time for Holy Mass and support gay marriages, abortions, and adultery....

Kasper, Maradiaga, and Marx are irrelevant.  Louie may as well invoke the front line of the Green Bay Packers, or Obama's Cabinet.  The names that count are Paul VI, John Paul I, John Paul II, Benedict XVI, and Francis.  THEY are the legislators, Louie.  And they have determined that there is no "emergency" such as a nuclear war or Biblical flood which prevents the Faithful from getting to a priest with faculties.

In effect, Louie is adopting the "Sede Vacantis" line which even SSPX leadership has rejected.  Think about that, Louie.  You can't even cite SSPX itself for your claim!

By the way, Louie, Bp. Morlino is not the only US Bishop to put out a serious warning to SSPX adherents; Bp. Bruskewitz did the same, and he was quite a bit more direct and forceful. Would you accuse Bp. B. of being "insubstantial"?

God help you if that's your opinion. 


Aged parent said...

In case you haven't already seen this:

It has both Spanish and English versions.

Dad29 said...

Saw it just this AM. Very interesting phraseology, particularly the graf where he opines that 'everyone makes far too much of VatII b/c it's a pastoral council.'