Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The GOP Elite....

Gobsmacking accuracy:

The GOP elite, for example, expected us to keep our mouths shut about the rape and murder rampages of illegal aliens and quietly bury our children while they divvied up Chamber of Commerce donations. --quoted at ColdFury

Or expected us to keep our mouths shut about the dis-employment and financial wreckage of US citizen computer folks and the grinding impoverishment of taxi-cab driving at the behest of Facebook, Intel, Microsoft, and QualComm.

IOW, the murder, rape, and pillage of careers.

From the same source, a clarifying moment on George Will, doddering and aged baseball fan.

...But then I recall Will sniffing his nose at another déclassé Republican candidate and his supporters as “kamikaze conservatives.“ That was Ronald Reagan, and Will invited him to form a third party and lead his mob of followers “into outer darkness.” Will acknowledged that while this “would cost the party some support…it would make the party seem cleansed.”...

History repeats itself, ain'a?

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