Friday, August 21, 2015

Scott, the Big Leagues Are TOUGH

Seems like Scott Walker is becoming the back-and-forthright candidate.  This will--no doubt--change his position in the (below) scoring system.  To near-last.

...Didn’t he say just four days ago that he opposed birthright citizenship for the children of illegals? Now this. If he hadn’t been so slippery on immigration (among other things) in the earliest phase of the campaign, it’d be easy to dismiss this as a case of him having misunderstood what he was being asked on Monday instead of him perpetually trying to feel his way towards whatever position he thinks will be the most electorally advantageous.

But wait. Is this sudden agnosticism about birthright citizenship really the most electorally advantageous position? What’s strange here is that Walker promised supporters this week on a conference call that he was going to be more aggressively anti-establishment on the stump and try to win back some of the supporters he’s lost to Trump. Birthright citizenship for illegals is as establishment as immigration policy gets; Trump naturally opposes it, and until a few days ago, Walker did too. Pretty logical for an anti-establishmentarian. Now he’s formally uncommitted. What gives?...

Actually, it's "WHO gives?"  Money talks, and bullshit....evades.

The linked item has some quotations from a Stanley Hubbard of Minnesota, who definitely does not want Walker yapping about 'social issues.'

But AllahPundit misses the more obvious:  Diane Hendricks, Chair of ABC Supply, a very large national roofing-materials supplier.  Her customers are exclusively roofing contractors and she kick-started Walker's campaign with major dollars. $5 million of them.

 Add 2+2 here, folks.

Maybe Walker can get away with it--but the Big Leagues are tough, eh?

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