Saturday, August 15, 2015

The HomoNazis, Chapter 34,453

Another cake-baker, another smashing of the 1st Amendment.

In essence, the court toed the Obama administration’s “freedom of worship” line which says you can [go] to whatever church you want but you are forbidden to live life in society according to your faith. In fact, the court’s decision actually invalidates the Catechism and religious principles of the Catholic Church which holds that by cooperating with sin your are participating in sin. This is why driving a woman to an abortion clinic carries the same moral penalty as actually having the abortion. When Phillips was asked to make a wedding cake for a simulated marriage he was put in the position of endorsing that act and participating in that act.

Note well:  HRC and Obozo (and their lawyer-ly cabal) use the well-parsed phrase "freedom of WORSHIP" rather than the Bill of Rights' formula "freedom of RELIGION."  That's specifically written to evade the reality of 'religious practice,' which is a far cry from just 'worshiping.'

And there's a reason that the HomoNazis pick on Christians rather than Muslims.  You get only two guesses as to 'why.'

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