Sunday, August 09, 2015

Say It Ain't So, Carly!!

Yah, she's smart and pretty direct.  But maybe all that HP experience was mal-formation.

Back during the government shutdown of 2013, Carly Fiorina told CNN’s The Lead that she felt badly for Boehner and blamed the shutdown on Ted Cruz and Obama   --quoted at IOTW Report

I'll make a distinction here for poor ol' Carly:  yes, Obozo was a problem; but Cruz was not.  See, Carly, there's a difference:  Cruz has principles; Obozo has none.

Boehner, of course, has few principles (if any) and nothing remotely resembling a spine, either.

The FedGov is shut down every single weekend, Carly.  Did you miss them that much on Sunday afternoons?

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