Sunday, August 30, 2015

Is NPR Useful? Well, Yes, Now and Then!

In this area, NPR can be useful, yes.  First off, there is the classical music.

And then, there are the info-bits. 

This morning, I learned that Wonder Woman was a creation of a psychologist named Marston. Marston was married, but also had a live-in mistress (!!) who was the niece of none other than Margaret Sanger.  Both his wife AND his mistress produced two children who were his.

Further, it is now thought that Wonder Woman was modeled on Sanger, as a 'savior' of women who were bound by chains to such drudgery as raising children.  Don't recall if any Wonder Woman story-lines included butchery-for-profit, but there you are.

Marston also invented the pop-psych "DISC" test which enjoys popularity with lots of small companies who don't want to spend Big Bucks hiring an industrial shrink when looking at prospective hires.

Now, class:  is Wonder Woman the immediate cause of the Feminazi Movement??


Grim said...

NPR is cribbing from The Nation, I bet. :) They ran a long piece on this in May.

Saint Revolution said...

There is NOTHING good about NPR über liberocratic thieves of taxpayer monies: High NPR Salaries ...

...or these thieves at PBS: Lavish PBS Salaries.

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Any donors and/or supporters to/of these über liberal criminal thieving organizations are the epitome of, "...a fool and his money are soon parted...".