Friday, August 21, 2015

UW-Mad's Mitchel: Mad, Indeed!

"Mad" as in 'insane.'

A man whose job description reads thus:

"Represent[s] the UW-Madison Chancellor’s Office and institutional positions on community development, education, broadening UW-Madison’s presence in the local community, nurturing partnerships, and cultural issues through membership on and leadership on various public and private boards, commissions and committees.”

...said that 'those big box stores, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, and Target, have insurance, so let's not prosecute shoplifting as a crime any more.'

He's a lawyer and ex-prosecutor, by the way, and obviously studied in the (SCOTUS-twerp) Kennedy School of Fantasy-Law.

...Mitchel argued that communities should be able to decide for themselves what laws should be enforced. He argued that the ultimate goal of law enforcement is not the actual enforcement of law, but community safety as defined by the community itself. Mitchell cited theft from big box stores as an example of a crime that police and the community may view differently....

UW's Med School claims to be dependent on chop-shop baby parts for its "research," and UW's Community relations honcho thinks laws are entirely relative.

Consistency, if nothing else.

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