Friday, February 01, 2013

The Disintegration of "Climate Change" Proofs

I'd say this is telling.

...the IPCC’s sensitivity estimate cannot readily be reconciled with forcing estimates and observational data. All the recent literature that approaches the question from this angle comes up with similar answers, including the papers I mentioned above. By failing to meet this problem head-on, the IPCC authors now find themselves in a bit of a pickle. I expect them to brazen it out, on the grounds that they are the experts and are quite capable of squaring the circle before breakfast if need be. But in doing so, they risk being seen as not so much summarising scientific progress, but obstructing it.  --WUWT quoting Annan's blog

"Scientific progress" has nothing--zero--zip--nada--to do with it.

Follow the MONEY, stupid.

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