Monday, February 04, 2013

George Washington Begs to Differ, Obozo

Campaigning in the Twin Cities, SCOAMF ignores the American Revolution.

...The president additionally used Monday's speech to forcefully call for a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, legislation for which has been introduced in the Senate.

"Weapons of war have no place on our streets or in our schools or threatening our law enforcement officers," Obama said.

Yah, right.  Tell it to the Minutemen, dumbass.


Anonymous said...

"Yah, right. Tell it to the Minutemen, dumbass."

The Minutemen no longer exist. Neither does the threat of British invasion.

Cops want reasonable restrictions, but dad doesn't have a problem with psychos going apeshit in movie theaters and grade schools.

Keep it classy old boy. Your archaic point of view will likely die with you.

Dad29 said...

It's not hard to believe that you're dumber than Obozo, but it's always nice to see the evidence.

"Neither does the threat of British invasion."

Publickscrewels, obviously.

Anonymous said...

I pooped my pants in public school. The teacher was mean and wouldn't give me a hall pass. It was hard learning about Sam Adams making beer and crossing the Delaware to defeat the Pakistani army at the Battle of Waterloo.

Saint Revolution said...

AnnStalin 2/04/2013 9:22 PM:
AnnJudas 2/05/2013 3:07 AM:

You liberal piece of stinking living dogshit garbage.

Not only is this type of oppressive totalitarian gun control a feeble-minded attempt at intimidation, and coersiveness-via-falsehoods, and completely unConstitutional in so many ways, but the birthright concept of "innocent until proven guilty" is trampled underfoot by Uncle Scam as well.

Defining all gun owners "guilty until proven innocent" by limiting their Constitutional right to own any type of firearm(s), such firearm(s) footprint undefined specifically in The Constitution, pronounces every gun owner guilty even though they have yet to and never will commit any crime(s) wth stated firearm(s).

Replicating the infamy of the corrupt unConstitutional revenue-generating traffic laws in The United States, everyone is "guilty until proven innocent". Get cited for a traffic offense and the ticket compels sanction payment immediately. "Day In Court" is a far off afterthought the courts simply find a complete burden and justice is something the system can never be bothered with. One is immediately guilty and must fight for one's innocence.

The fact that one is pronounced "guilty until proven innocent", whether regarding traffic laws or gun ownership, is the antithesis of what the law is actually based upon.

Made to beg, plead, and implore for Constitutional birthrights in court is not justice.

The justice system(s), the political system(s), the taxing system(s) and authority(ies), and so many other politically-corrupted systems in The United States, like AnonyBenedictArnold, have been, and continue to be, an treasonous betrayer and treasonous betrayal of We The People.

Communistic super-liberals like Anonymous betray the rights of a free system, society, and People with poison Marxist pseudo-pedagogy emanating from 100 IQ below average minds and the darkest of sinful narcissstic soullessness.