Thursday, February 07, 2013

Umnnhhhh...SCOAMF Was Sleeping Through Benghazi

While Bill Kristol cannot believe Panetta, we can.  The guy simply, purposely, turned "unavailable."

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta testified this morning on Capitol Hill that President Barack Obama was absent the night four Americans were murdered in Benghazi on September 11, 2012.

Obama went to bed without knowing the status of the US Ambassador.

It's also reported that Panetta did not TRY to reach the SCOAMF. 

After a pre-scheduled afternoon meeting, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta testified that he never heard from President Obama the night of September 11. In fact, Panetta said, he had no further communication from the White House that night—even as the attack turned deadly. This is truly extraordinary—and appalling.

And both Panetta and Dempsey admitted in today’s hearing that they were not in touch with Clinton at all the evening of 9/11. “[W]e never received a request for support from the State Department,” Dempsey said, explaining why the American military had not made any attempt to save the endangered Americans.
So the Cabinet officials weren't in touch with each other, and the president wasn't in touch with anyone

Panetta also remarked that "the military is not 911".  Well, Leon, you chickenshit REMF, whaddya call Bosnia?

Oh.  I forgot.  Bosnians are NOT American citizens.  So for them, the US military IS 911.

Disgusting piece of crap you are, Leon.  California deserves you.  


Anonymous said...

It's like the first 9/11 on a smaller scale. Maybe Obama was preoccupied reading My Pet Goat to children.

Dad29 said...

NancyBoy was sleeping.

BTW, your comparison to 9/11 confirms that your IQ is less than room temperature.

Anonymous said...

Yah, a bit of an inconvenient comparison ain'a? In the wingnut fantasy world, the Condibeest was completely caught off guard and deserving of a promotion!

Anonymous said...


So you maintain that Condi (et al) had solid intel that 9/11 was going to happen?

Show us.

Anonymous said...

Amazing how some people excuse dereliction of duty on this POTUS simply because of their biased views of past administrations.

I have never heard a conservative excuse GWB because WJC made mistakes during his term.

But if that's all you anti-freedom progressives have go for it.


Jim said...

Uh, not exactly.

Read it.

Dad29 said...


Only the President can issue "cross-border authority" so that SF can move into a given country.

Nappynap time before the Political SPeech, ya' know. Can't be bothered with deaths of US citizens to sign some silly papers.

Jim said...

Please cite one source, one bit of evidence, one government document that proves...

1) Cross-border authority was not given in Benghazi, or
2) Cross-border authority was required, or
3) There is such a thing as cross-border authority.

I did a little research and found numerous reference to the phantom cross border authority on all kinds of right wing sites like Breitbart and Free Republic. Every one of them cites a self-styled "former Navy SEAL" by the name of Bracken. Yet Bracken cites no language from any ROE, US or international law, Pentagon policy or anything else.

So keep repeating this empty, useless non-fact and make yourself happy, but ask yourself why not even Grumpy McCain nor his BFF Lindsay Graham have brought up cross-border authority in the hearings or even in their second homes, the Sunday morning talk shows.

Anonymous said...

How about this for evidence:

Fuck you, Jim, you fucking piece of fucking California faggot fuckwit trash. Fuck yourself with Nancy Pelosi's strap-on, you cum guzzling fucking retarded rectal wart. Fucking trash like you needs to fuck off and rot in fucking hell.

And in case you missed it, fuck you.