Saturday, February 02, 2013

Stadiums: Pay at Their Window

We learn that Green Bay is really #1!!

Your city [Green Bay] is the Super Bowl champ in taxpayer-subsidized sports stadiums per capita.

And despite the fact that Milwaukee lost some Packer games (due to Bud Selig), Milwaukee is not far behind!!  Milwaukee (and the surrounding counties) are #5!!!  Give yourselves a big round of applause.

...The city’s Major League Baseball stadium, Miller Park, where the Milwaukee Brewers play, was completed in 2001, mostly with taxpayer money. Through 2010, the stadium had cost taxpayers $681 million — more than any other stadium in baseball....

Did you bring your Vaseline?

Here's the real screamer:

...In 2004, former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson accused former owner and now baseball commissioner Bud Selig of misrepresenting the team’s finances in order to receive public funds for the stadium

That was after Tommy "stuck it to 'em" with the TommyBud Tax.

Selig says that taxpayer-pay stadiums is a good thing.  You'll have to read that crapola on your own.

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Anonymous said...

Something very important that Dad29 left out...the voters of Brown County agreed to the sales tax. Says so right in the link. 53% to 47% in the referendum. Majority rules. End of story.