Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cruz Gets the RoJo Treatment

You remember that Senator Ron Johnson was bashed by "anonymous Senate sources" a few months after his election, right?

Well, now it's Ted Cruz's turn.  And the language--reported by the WaPo, Politico, and the NYSlimes, is very familiar, indeed.

....So now the McConnell leadership team must do what it did to Jim DeMint. The “grown ups” are whispering about how Ted just won’t conform himself to the ways of the Senate and behave like a “statement.” Their friends in the op-ed pages and reporters who covet leadership access are all using Republicans who sound like Lindsey Graham and Lamar Alexander to attack Ted Cruz....

To hell with principles if they stand in the way of McConnell!!

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Anonymous said...

McConnell's plan is to make him a one-term senator. It happens all the time.