Saturday, February 23, 2013

NYSlimes Defeats 7th Commandment

Nice story (/sarcasm) about the "Crusader for Justice" Slimes.

"''They never even came to ask if I wanted to sell,'' said Joseph Orbach, who has owned the 16-story building at 265 West 40th Street with his brothers, Markus and Sidney, since 1978. ''They're just taking it.'' There are some 30 tenants, including architects and engineers.

At a condemnation hearing on Sept. 24 and in later interviews, owners expressed anger that a large corporate neighbor, The Times, was getting the benefit of a fully assembled 80,000-square-foot development parcel at a price of $84.94 million, in addition to city incentives that may reach $29 million." --quoted at Arms/Law

Umnnnhh, yes, well, hypocrisy is the social disease of the liberals.  And it's out of control.

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