Friday, February 22, 2013

Nancy-Boy and His Lying Sack, Panetta

The difference, Hildebeeste, is dead Americans.

Here, the author examines Nancy-Boy Obozo's utter indifference to American lives and Lyin' Leon Panetta's blatant...ahhh....lies. 

Secretary Panetta went on to say that U.S. Navy FAST teams (Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security) were in Spain, but these were too far away to arrive in time to assist the embattled Americans...[but a]... Boeing 747 flight from the U.S. Naval Base at Rota, Spain, would have taken only about three hours at an average cruising speed of 570 mph.

That's not all.

...What was never mentioned or even questioned was why the Marine Force Recon unit supposedly stationed at Segonella was never considered a potential relief force as it was far closer than Rota to Benghazi....

...In any case, FAST units (of which at least one was at Rota) are each specifically forward-deployed guard platoons of 115 Marines and one officer capable of immediate operational response to any alert notice...

The idea [put forth as Gospel by Lyin' Leon] that critical intelligence must be gathered, analyzed, and evaluated before a SO force proceeds on a critical retrieval mission may be academically correct, but not strictly followed in real life critical combat rescue. U.S. special forces of every kind go into harm’s way when and where they are needed with little regard for themselves. It’s the mission that counts, and the mission clearly was to rescue the guys in Benghazi. For some reason this fact escaped Washington’s high military command.

The reason?  Nancy-Boys, all of them.  Not one of them have stones--so they assume that no one else does, either.

...What this all points to is that a Rota-based FAST platoon of appropriately trained and equipped Marines could have flown to Benghazi by any Boeing 747, and other heavier units could have followed later. It wasn’t even tried. That DoD having real-time notice of the attack on two official American installations could not or would not respond in a timely manner is a disgrace that reaches the level of dereliction of duty. Any enlisted man or junior officer having avoided similar action would have been brought up on charges before a court martial....

Have we ever mentioned "the Ruling Class" before?

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Anonymous said...

What's obvious to even the most casual observer is that the Ambassador and his team were expendable for political gain by team Obama.

They even lied successfully to those unable to think for themselves to cover it up.

Another treasonable offense by "The One"

Hope and change baby!

R.I.P. J. Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone S. Woods.