Sunday, February 03, 2013

CCW Training Accomplished

So one of the little darlings took and passed the CCW training.

Phone convo:

"Hey, I took the CCW training yesterday!"

"Will you get a license?"


"Ya gonna carry?"

"Maybe a Taser."

"Well, if it's a gun, it has to be light and compact."

"Yeah, I saw a Ruger in .380 at the training place."

"Well, yah, but the .380's kinda light.  You'll burn 5 rounds just stopping the perp."

"Well, I don't want to KILL someone!"

"I said 'Stop,' not 'kill.'  You believe that 'one-shot/one-kill' Hollywood stuff?  Read some literature....."

Let's hope that CCW training of the future includes some material that differentiates 'stop' from 'kill,' and that they require reading "In the Gravest Extreme," too.


Grim said...

If it's the one you're sending down our way, don't worry too much if she doesn't carry. The city she's going to has plenty of neighbors who do. She won't be too far from a citizen with a proper handgun, anywhere in that town.

Anonymous said...

I find that showing my schlong stops perps.

Grim said...

I've heard that laughter can be paralyzing.