Sunday, February 24, 2013

".....and Nothing Happened..."

Althouse and Instapundit noticed something.

...the sequester is where the rubber meets the road. Obama is betting Americans will be outraged by the abrupt and substantial cuts to a wide range of government services, from law enforcement to food safety to public schools. And he is hoping they will rise up to demand what he calls a “balanced approach” to deficit reduction that replaces some cuts with higher taxes. 

But if voters react with a shrug, congressional Republicans will have won a major victory in their campaign to shrink the size of government. Instead of cancelling the sequester, the GOP will likely push for more.

It would be a big problem for the White House if the sequester came and went and nobody really noticed anything. Then people will start saying, ‘Well, maybe we can cut spending,” said John H. Makin...

And as Althouse and Reynolds say, there's no doubt that Obozo will do his damndest to impose a lot of pain on Americans.

This is exactly what school boards are best at; when faced with taxpayer resistance to higher confiscations, they threaten to cancel the football/basketball/forensics/music/arts (pick one or any combination) programs.


Saint Revolution said...

When school boards are run by these cocksucker thieves, it's no wonder they'll do anything to protect their ill-gotten pig monies.

Cancelling football/basketball/forensics/music/arts...shit, Wisconsin public school frauds will murder their own mother to protect their union remuneration.

Horrible horrific people.

Tim Morrissey said...

You got a point.

It sure looks like a lot of posturing about the horrors that lie ahead next week.

The "cut" is, as it is most of the time with gummint, a reduction in the rate of growth, and not a real dollar reduction.

Saint Revolution said...

Tonight, on Channel 6 evening news, the Channel 6 moronic talking heads were interviewing Milwaukee Public Schools' Karen Jackson about HIRING MORE Milwaukee Public School public sector employe.

Karen Jackson - $138,671.00 per year.

You gotta be fucking kidding me.

No one has learned anything. That includes Walker.

Nothing has changed.

WE THE PEOPLE are still getting fucked up the ass...local and federal.

None of this will stop until WE THE PEOPLE stop it.

The ballot box is worthless.


Jim said...

Maybe see what kind of Executive Human Resources you can get for, say, $65,000. Maybe you should run for the School Board and see who you can get for the job.

Saint Revolution said...

TO: Jim 2/28/2013 8:15 PM:

You're in California.

You know nothing about Wisconsin.

Your fucked up uber liberal policies have completely fucked up California. You have absolutely no advice to give anyone in any other State.

Fix your own State before you start spouting off ignorant advice on how to fix other States' problematic civil serpent criminals and problems.

By the way, Jim, Karen Jackson's position is NOT an executive's simply an glorified massively overpaid office manager position.

Shut up about things you have no knowledge of.

Ignorant asshole.

Saint Revolution said...

MATC is pulling their shit again!

Anonymous said...

Nobody cares what you think, Jim.

Now fucking kill yourself.

Anonymous said...

"Fix your own State before you start spouting off ignorant advice on how to fix other States' problematic civil serpent criminals and problems."

If you climbed out of your cave once in a while you'd have seen the reports that CA's budget is close to balancing. Taxing Hollywood libs and Silicon tech libs and hedgefund hogs along with some smart cuts evened it out.

You could fit 50 WI annual budgets into CA's annual budget this year.

Thanks for playing.

Anonymous said...

Anony, 4:25 a.m., please sleep off your bender.

Jim said...

St. Asshole. See Anonymous 8:29, who is correct.

Regardless of her position, the school board apparently believes that is what they have to pay to retain a quality person for that job. Where I live, that amount is only slightly above the salary of the HR director of a very, very small school district in a RURAL area of the state.

Ignorant asshole.

Saint Revolution said...

AnnSlopingForeHead 3/01/2013 8:29 PM
and his tutu-wearing antisupernonhero side-butthead
JimCockCockCockSucker 3/01/2013 11:04 PM:

Your false bravado regarding your even more false bullshit balanced budget fairy tale proves to me I could sell you dullards Charles Manson as Jesus Christ.

How damn stupid are you? If you believe the dung the government is propagandizing to you, the only knuckle-dragging cave dweller is in your mirror.

California, UnSaved, Speeds Toward A Wall Of Debt - Bloomberg

California's Balanced Budget? Hold The Applause

California’s Balanced Budget: Not As Good As It Looks

California's Budget Is By No Means Fixed

California's Balanced Budget All Smoke And Mirrors

Governor Brown Uses Tricks To BALANCE California Budget

" could fit 50 WI annual budgets into CA's annual budget this year..."

Is that right?! ...or did you mean to write you could fit 50 Wisconsin deficits into one California annual deficit this year.

The absolute definition of 100 I.Q.

Get that diarrhea you call brains out of second grade freemason civics class.

Bankgster and his lap dog...rear-stuffing each other full of their gerbils of complete false wisdom ignorance. of opportunity? of sloppy usury.

...and imbeciles like these two...

"...full moon turn my head around and 'round, I say i't'again..."...

Ignorant assholes.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you, Jim.