Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Intelligent Commentary on B-16's Resignation

Since The Resignation, I've speculated that B-16's health is a real issue, not a pretext.  Remember that JPII, his immediate predecessor and good friend, was virtually incapacitated due to health problems, and as a result, governance of the Church was at a virtual standstill for quite some time.

I think B-16 learned from that. 

The Black Hat has a few other observations which are worth your perusal.  Since he and I agree on the first premise, it's likely that he's right about all the rest, too.

And if you're one of the several million conspiracy theorists/anti-Catholics out there, go ahead and post your inane babblings in the combox.

Some of them will remain posted.  It's G-2.


Al said...

No conspiracies, just trusting Papa Benedetto is doing what he feels is best for the Catholic Church.

Anonymous said...

Conspiracy theory #1...

GOR said...

It’s fun to watch all the ‘knowledgeable ones’ pontificating about Pope Benedict’s possible successor. Yes, I was surprised in 1978 when John Paul II got the nod and I was positive in 2005 that whoever got it, it would not be a certain German Cardinal!

So much for that. So I am now prepared to be surprised again. Scola? Bagnasco? Ouellet? Tagle? Sandri? Scherer? Turkson?

However, I am positive this time that it will not be Dolan, O’Malley or Burke.

But I am prepared to be wrong – again!

Anonymous said...

Dolan it is!