Friday, February 15, 2013

Private Gun Sales, Registration, Database

Arms/Law has some thoughts on the question.

...A ban on private sales will be unenforceable in the near future, since guns being found will have been initially sold before its effective date, and thus a lawful private transfer before the ban went into effect cannot be ruled out.

But even after, say, ten years pass, the ban will still be unenforceable in practice unless Congress also either:

1) Enacts national firearm registration, requiring FFLs to report all sales so they can be placed in a national database, and requires such reporting backdated to the effective date of the private sales ban, or

2) Makes firearm possession illegal, period, providing for a defense if the gun owner can prove they bought the gun before before the effective date of the ban, or bought it from an FFL after the ban.

At this point in time, neither of the above is being discussed.

However.  All it would take would be another highly-publicized event like Newtown for either of the above to be enacted "for the chilllrrrrunn."


jimspice said...

I think it's interesting that if assault style weapons are banned, or all guns must be registered, all the law and order types that refuse to comply will become outlaws. I guess that old saying is true.

Anonymous said...

But we would be the ones preserving, protecting and defending the Constitution truthfully.

Dave P. said...

OTOH, the government will still be the outlaws, as they are prepared to pull an Andy Jackson if the courts rule the ban unconstitutional.

Dad29 said...

As you know, Jim, the moralists--Christian, Jewish, whatever--all tell us that one is not bound to obey laws which are prima facie illicit. Depriving oneself of the means of self-defense, or defense of family, neighbors, or nation, is prima facie illicit.

Anonymous said...

Jim Spice hates America.

Anonymous said...
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