Sunday, February 10, 2013

Amnesia To Follow

Seems that the Pubbies are perfectly willing to establish a registry of guns.

CNN is told the legislation they are working on would effectively require background checks on private gun purchases made with non-licensed gun dealers, according to sources in both parties. That would include closing the so-called gun show loophole.

However, the sources emphasize they are trying to work through this sticky issue so that Republicans, especially Coburn, are comfortable that it would address privacy concerns of gun owners, and would have clear exemptions for situations where a background check should not be needed. The most common example of that scenario is a grandfather or uncle giving guns they already own to a grandson or nephew.  --HotAir quoting CNN

Grandson/nephew?  Not children?  Not next-door neighbor?  "Give", not "sell for value" (even if highly discounted)?

And just exactly how do these fine-feathered Statists plan to track such gifts/sales/bargain sales?  That is to say, how will they know if Gun X came from Charlie, Susie, or Bertha's collection?


I sense an oncoming wave of amnesia.  "I dunno where that gun went." 

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Grim said...

"...but I'm sure it got lost right before that law passed."