Sunday, February 03, 2013

For BureaucratBozos: What Is "Accountable"?

Seems that the local BATFE is managed by complete idiots.  Well, it's Gummint, ya' know...

Here's the Congressional reaction:

....“The mismanaged operation included numerous careless and costly mistakes,” Sensenbrenner told in a written statement. “Along with my colleagues, I am asking the ATF what happened in Milwaukee and who will be held accountable....--quoted at MoonBattery

The first question:  what does 'accountable' mean in Gummint-speak?

For the Benghazi incident, four State paper-pushers were "re-assigned."  (They traded desk jobs with no change in salary, benefits, or pensions.)  That is in contrast to the re-assignment of the four Americans who were killed due to their "mistakes."

For Fast & Furious, one (maybe two) BATFE bozos were dismissed--but not to worry, their pension and retirement-health bennies remain intact. 

Does "accountable" mean that someone will actually be fired?  Lose their pension and bennies?

Whaddya wanna bet?


Anonymous said...

"The first question: what does 'accountable' mean in Gummint-speak?"

Lemme guess...similar to what it means in catholic-speak?

Anonymous said...

One time I had to poop in the poor box during Midnight Mass

Anonymous said...

Better than having to poop in an MRE container next to an infantrywoman.

Anonymous said...

I paid an infantry woman $50 to poop on my chest.