Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sequestration, the New Death Star

The LameStream Media has erased the fact that Obozo proposed AND signed the sequester.

They also have a problem putting it into a frame of reference like this one:

[The cuts are] only equal to 10-15 percent of the annual deficit, and a mere 3 percent of overall government spending[...]

Yah, but it's really a Meteor!  Women and Chilluns will be killed.  Annihilated.  Fried.  Or something.


Jim said...

The LameStream Media has erased the fact that Obozo proposed AND signed the sequester.

No they haven't. Neither have they erased the fact that he proposed it as a way to force the congress to come to alternative compromises.

And neither have they erased the fact that Boener, Cantor, Ryan, and 171 other Republican Representatives, as well as Kyl, Cornyn, McCain, McConnell and 24 other Republican Senators voted FOR the sequester.

Anonymous said...

Control the media, control the message.

It works on people like Jim...

Dad29 said...

Unnhhh...yah, Jim is right.

CNN knows it. And WH spokesliar Carney does his damndest to evade responsibility for it.

See: http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2013/02/war-on-women-white-house-spokesman-jay-carney-sneers-at-female-reporter-i-know-you-are-just-filling-in/

Anonymous said...

Getting cold feet Daddio? That's not like you. Ain't the sequester all about bringing down the debt...so why all the pouting? Let's cut the gummint spending, furlough the gummint "workers" and watch the red ink melt away.

Dad29 said...

I think the sequester is anemic, but a fine idea.

Cut the entire EPA, the Dept of Education, all of Energy, all of BIA, and HHS, too.

It's a start.

Anonymous said...

So, $.02 on every $1.00 in cuts will result in no air traffic control, no meat inspection, no police, no firefighters, etc.

Fuck you if you believe their lies...