Saturday, February 09, 2013

Was Act 10 Walker's Last Conservative Act?

Rumbles are rumbling.

Scott Walker added millions of dollars to his list of budget priorities Wednesday, calling for an additional $28.9 million for the state’s mental-health programs.

But Walker also said he’d like to give an undisclosed sum to shore up the state’s transportation infrastructure, mentioning freight rail in particular, and address workforce development.

Walker and  Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Rochester, repeatedly have said they’d like to spend up to $350 million over the next two years on income-tax relief primarily aimed at middle-class families.

And taxpayers might be asked to pony up tens of millions more if Walker can’t find alternative funding for one of his pet projects, a venture capital program.

Walker’s priorities are starting to add up – to something akin to the $419.7 million the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau projects will be in the general fund at the end of the fiscal year.

By the way, State debt hasn't dropped all that much.  The biennial overdraft went away, but not the debt.

So is Scott Walker just another Gummint Guy?


Saint Revolution said...

One has to ask if Scott Walker is just another politician?! Scott Walker has done, basically, nothing. The salaries, benefits, and pensions of the public sector workers of Wisconsin (and the nation) are still out of control and still breaking the already handicapped financial spines of the taxpayers. Again, remember, Scott Walker is, in the end, just another public sector worker, himself heading towards a fat pension.

The cops in Wisconsin, as well as the rest of the country, are completely out of control, not only from a mentally unstable and behavior and behavioral standpoint, but from a salary, benefits, and pension standpoint.

Cases in point: research New Jersey and Bell, California.

The double- and triple-dipping in New Jersey is BEYOND criminally out of control and, in Bell, California, the entire story there will make you absolutely physically sick. Especially research Bell's former Chief Of Police...this corrupt motherfucker needs a state needle injection.

Even DATING cops is an horrific experience:

I will post, once again, for the umpteenth time:

Walker NEVER addressed at least four revenue sucking "pig troughs" that should have been and still need to be completely curtailed:

#1 public sector SALARIES are still COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTROL and should be SLASHED by up to as much as 90% ACROSS-THE-BOARD, depending upon the job...NO public sector worker should EVER be making more than ~$35,000.00/year to, AT MOST, ~$40,000.00/year of taxpayer "handouts"; BLOATED PUBLIC SECTOR SALARIES IN ALL AREAS (COPS, FIREMEN, TEACHERS, PUBLIC SECTOR WORKERS, POLITICIANS, ETC.) MUST BE ADDRESSED AND SLASHED ACROSS-THE-BOARD!;

#2 RETIREMENT PERCENTAGES are OUT OF CONTRL; this is the percentage of a public sector worker's salary that they receive in retirement; these percentages were NOT addressed by Walker and MUST be, again, SLASHED ACROSS-THE-BOARD...these civil service parasitic thieves are retiring at more than private sector workers and, in some cases, are pulling down more in retirement than their compatriots whom are still working in "like-kind-and-quality" public sector jobs [and, in other cases, are pulling down more in retirement than they actually made working in their public sector job]; Remember: you cut the salaries and, even if these "pigs" retain 100% retirement percentage, 100% of $35K or $40K is still only $35K or $40K.

#3 the f**king paramilitary out of control cops and firemen were left UNTOUCHED by adjustments to salary, pension, retirement, benefits...NOTHING...these arrogant bastards need to be remunerated according to parity...if they don't like it, take your badge're simply hiding behind it anyways, you fat pigs...there are plenty of people willing to do a RIGHTEOUS job as cop for HALF of what you bastard thieves are stealing from the taxpayers...;

#4 the COMPLETE NEPOTISM in government hiring even unto the local municipal levels...


We do NOT have to lose the LEVEL of local services; all we need to lose, reign in, and curtail is the BLOATED COSTS of those local services...municipal services DO NOT NEED TO COST AS MUCH AS THEY DO.

Municipalities and education boards are our enemies. They will ALWAYS try and find a f**ked up reason to raise property taxes. It is the LOWERING of the costs of services that we need, NOT the raising of levies and taxes.

As in Washington, complete bloated spending at the local levels MUST END!!!

Again, public sector thieves.

Remember...Walker, in the end, is a public sector "salary taker" and eventual public sector retiree himself.

This "conflict of interest" is, at the very least, something to remain cognizant of.

...and I support always, with a perpetual watchful eye...


Anonymous said...

And I will post for the umpteenth time, Wisconsin is not going to bankrupt middle class families with your "bright idea" to cap the salaries of all public employees.