Friday, November 18, 2011

"You Didn't Really Need the Car, Anyway" Says EPA

Public Enemy #1, the EPA, has decided that E15 (15% corn-a-holing you) blend is just dandy for cars made after 2001.

Sensenbrenner disagrees.

...when the ethanol lobby requested the EPA allow a higher concentration of ethanol in gasoline, based on a narrow test by the Department of Energy, the agency determined E15 could be used in vehicles made after 2001. I sought input from 14 major US Automakers on how E15 would affect their vehicles. They unanimously reported the higher blend would void warranties, reduce fuel efficiency, and cause premature engine damage. Recent testing by the Coordinating Research Council on engine durability also showed that E15 could cause engine failure.

(For small engines--like those in lawn mowers and outboards, it's damn-near-guaranteed that you'll blow the engines by using E15.)

Maybe it's time that normal people "occupy" ethanol plants.  Torches and pitchforks optional, so far.


Anonymous said...

Ron Paul has been against Ethanol subsidies all along.

.......Texas Rep. Ron Paul has long been an opponent of ethanol subsidies.

“We are sure to see increased calls from political opportunists for eliminating ethanol subsidies, but Dr. Paul was against ethanol subsidies before it became politically advantageous,” said Gary Howard, a spokesman for Paul...........

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul on Ethanol Subsidies from 2008

Grim said...

This does not bode well for those of us whose cars were made before 2001, either.